Future Blacksmiths in Action.

A Photographic introduction to what you could do.
Classes @ Hot Milk Forge.

Blacksmithing Classes have begun at Hot Milk Forge home premises. The classes have been a great success you can see the photos here. The students have tried the majority of the 7 basic skills, culminating in some magnificent results. 


So far there has been a Russian Rose, a Heart, Leaf and Scroll Poker, A horse head, leaf and Fish Head Bottler, and a key, all made by complete beginners on their first day blacksmithing.





The Mobile Class from Hot Milk Forge

Throughout the year I occassionally get asked to do a mobile taster class, these have happened around Northern Ireland in places such as An Craegan Arts Centre, The MAC in Belfast. F.E. McWilliams Gallery to name a few.


Keep your eye open Hot Milk Forge may coming to location close to you.