Our COVID Policy

So if you have had your course postponed, you should have received an email update personal to you. If you have not contact me asap.

If however you are wondering when we are opening up again, ie when will we being running courses again.. All things going well the last week of July. At present we are trying to clear up our other work and updating the facilities and forge so we can adhere correctly to covid regulations. If you want us to explain what these are feel free to contact us.


2021 dates for Bladesmiithing have now been released

Located in North Antrim ,Hot Milk Forge opened in February 2015 and offers Evening and Weekend Classes in Blacksmithing and Bladesmithing with an artistic twist. Classes are open to everyone above the age of 16. Participants are encouraged to learn the traditional skills not just because the celebration of wrought iron work is a worthy idea but also because only blacksmithing can introduce you to the full potential of steel as a creative medium. We weld with a fire at hot milk forge not with electricity. Imagine making your own fire side set, wrought iron gate, gifts for your partner, sculpture....the list goes on.