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Our COVID Policy

Our Classes have been running again since May 24th 2021. Thank you for your patience it's been trying times. New dates for all our courses have been listed all the way through to August 2023, more will be listed as demand requires it. If you are waiting on an evening class place, contact Eamonn directly as there is a waiting list.

Due to Covid the class numbers have been reduced for social distancing purposes. We now have new restrictions in regards to ppe/h&s wearables i.e. I recommend you provide your own, welding gauntlets, leather apron, grinder face shield(recommended) or safety glasses, these may change a little here and there so if you're not sure or it has been a while since you booked a course drop me a line or check out our social media for updates.



Vouchers are valid for one year from date of purchase. Anything beyond that it is at my discretion. We have been locked down for about 8 months in total so if your voucher was bought before the lockdowns ie  April 2020 add on 20 months on to the date of purchase. 

 From December 31st 2021 we will resort to the 20months policy fully. If you would like further clarification, feel free to contact me. Once May 24th 2022 passes we will resort back to the 12month policy which was in place pre covid. 

Any coupons issued for cancelled courses have 1 year validity from date of cancellation 


Some 2023 dates for Bladesmiithing and Blacksmithing have now been released

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Located in North Antrim ,Hot Milk Forge opened in February 2015 and offers Evening and Weekend Classes in Blacksmithing and Bladesmithing with an artistic twist. Classes are open to everyone above the age of 16. Participants are encouraged to learn the traditional skills not just because the celebration of wrought iron work is a worthy idea but also because only blacksmithing can introduce you to the full potential of steel as a creative medium. We weld with a fire at hot milk forge not with electricity. Imagine making your own fire side set, wrought iron gate, gifts for your partner, sculpture....the list goes on.

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