Our COVID Policy

So if you were booked into March or April Courses you should have already recieved an email explaining all this.
Firstly all courses I have to postpone are Postponed! Not cancelled. When this thing clears up and I can open up again, I will be putting on more weekends to make up for the ones I've lost, Hot Milk Forge is going nowhere. Normally my courses are on the last 2 weekends of each month. I will be working all weekends and days I can to make up the dates you and I have missed out on.

When I can list a weekend I will be contacting my March postponement people first and offering them a place first, then the April ones and so on. Cancellation list after that then if there is still spaces to the general public after.

Some people have cancelled so there will be an opportunity to jump the queue and buy there spots at some point so keep checking in with our social media for when I can offer these spots.

If you're vouchers were for a date before 1st of March....well your voucher is out of date before the 1st of March. After this time I've extended their validity for 6 months, if I need to extend this I will. All vouchers bought after 1st of March are now valid for 18months or for a year from when I open up. Remember your booking date doesn't have to be within your voucher validity time. But you need to make the booking within the validity time. Ie if you buy a voucher today, your booking could be in 2022 but you need to make the booking within the next 18months. I hope that clarifies everything if you've any more questions please don't hesitate to ask me.

Stay Safe guys, remember the harder the winter the better the summer will be. Hot Milk Forge will be here for you on the other side.

Located in North Antrim ,Hot Milk Forge opened in February 2015 and offers Evening and Weekend Classes in Blacksmithing and Bladesmithing with an artistic twist. Classes are open to everyone above the age of 16. Participants are encouraged to learn the traditional skills not just because the celebration of wrought iron work is a worthy idea but also because only blacksmithing can introduce you to the full potential of steel as a creative medium. We weld with a fire at hot milk forge not with electricity. Imagine making your own fire side set, wrought iron gate, gifts for your partner, sculpture....the list goes on.