Please Note before booking, Due to Covid Restrictions, all attendees of courses must supply their own PPE. This should cost around £20 per person. Details of what to buy and where to buy can be given on request.

Bladesmithing for Beginners to book click the images with the dates above, click right or left for alternative dates

£200 per Person per Weekend, £90 per Day Class


Day 1 or  First Day Class, The first knife you will make is a Tanto with Par-cord handle. It'll be your taster and your opportunity to get to grips with the colours/heat you need to work your tool steel at, some basic Blacksmithing hammer techniques and most importantly how to shape with fire your knife into the blade of your dreams. Importantly you can take the knife you've on the day class and turn it into full tang knife, with wooden scale handles with brass piens if you take it to your next day at Hot Milk Forge.

Day 2 The next blade we will be doing will possess a fully hidden tang, this will be your first step into creating a wooden handle(what type of knife is your choice we could make a kitchen knife or a survival drop point, it'll be your call). You will learn how to attach it securely choose your wood and shape it to your taste. 
If we've time we'll also make a viking style knife 

The 2nd weekend we'll be be making full tang knives with brass pinned wooden handle. By this stage shaping the knife into whatever type of knife you desire won't be such an issue, heat treating will be wee buns, it'll be refining your handle design so we be  pienning in brass pins into your handle etc. 

On your 3rd weekend we'll be doing Damascus/pattern welding. I know what your thinking 'I want to do that on my first weekend.' But to be honest sure I could take your money and show you how to fireweld and fold your steel but without the grounding in steel and fire understanding you got on the other two weekends you'd be going home with a metal splodge. Trust me on that I've been teaching this Craic for over 15 years. Let's do this properly let's learn these techniques so you can do it on your own away from Hot Milk Forge. 
Valerian steel Pah! Wait til you see what you'll be making
Cost of Course £200 for the weekend, Lunch not included, though you can order from the chippy and we'll go and get it, all safety gear and materials provided.

Evening Class
£20 per Night
Classes start at 7pm finish 9pm...ish

If this class is the first class you have booked with Hot Milk Forge it will be a taster lesson aimed at complete beginners, if however you have completed a taster class previously, we will use this class as an opportunity to further your skills.


Please note you must be over 16 to take part in any of the classes.

The Friday Day Class in Blacksmithing
£50 per day

On your first day at blacksmithing you may want to treat it as a taster, make a simple poker or viking knife of fancy candle holder or all of these things, while being introduced to the basic skills of blacksmithing.

The focus on all my blacksmithing courses is to begin or continue your path to completing your Complete Introduction to Blacksmithing. With this in mind you can treat it as day one of a 2 day project (see weekend course below for details) when you book onto to the next day class in May or June or July or get the idea.