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Are your courses suitable for complete beginners?

Yes Absolutely!!! All the courses at Hot Milk Forge are suitable for complete beginners.

Are your courses only for beginners, how do I progress beyond my first beginners Class?

You're taught as an individual, so you progress at your pace. On our Weekend and Day courses due to their popularity and the fact they tend book out so far in advance most people on the course are complete beginners with only 1 or 2 back for the 2nd or third part of our courses. The courses are sold on a first come first served basis. 

Where are you?

We are based in Martinstown, Glenravel in the Glens of Antrim check out our map section on the website or just put Hot Milk Forge into Google or Apple Maps.

Hot Milk Forge is

15 mins drive from Ballymena

40mins drive from Belfast

25mins drive from Belfast International Airport

What is your age limit?

Blacksmithing Classes 14 and up if accompanied with Guardian.

16 and up otherwise.

Bladesmithing, 18 and up.

There is no upper limit...seriously someone has asked that. 

What is your Cancellation Policy?

I've a 72hr cancellation policy if you want to change you're booking prior to then you've up to 72hrs before the event after this time it's at our discretion after the start of the event no refunds. When requesting a refund proof of purchase must be provided.

In the case of coupon codes issued for cancellations, they are like the vouchers valid for one year from date of issue.

How long are your Vouchers Valid and do you post them?

All Vouchers are Valid One year from date of Purchase, they are emailed as a printable pdf with a coupon code attached with the email. The voucher will automatically expire after one year, it is automated and there's nothing I can do, however if you struggle to use it before the expiry date, just buy another voucher with it and this will renew your voucher for another year. 

Do I need to physically strong?

You don't have to be built like a tank to do Black/Bladesmithing and we have people of all ages, sizes and physical abilities who attend. However Blacksmithing is a physical activity, so if you have health problems do contact Hot Milk Forge if you are concerned.

What is the starting times?

Evening Class are 7pm to 9.15pm

Day and Weekend Courses 10.30am to 4.30pm

Private Classes 10am to 12.15pm

What do need to wear?

Thick soled shoes/boots and sensible non flammable clothes, natural fibres are the best i.e. no fleeces or shell suits etc

Due to Covid I recommend you provide your own PPE,  with this in mind, the PPE isnt to difficult to source ie 5 mins on Amazon will get all you need. Its just Safety Visor for angle grinding (recommended) or safety glasses (suffice), leather apron, welding gauntlets, Respiratory mask for dust and covid, ie covid mask is fine. Information on what and where to buy will be provided when booking.

Is lunch provided?

No, however there is a hot food deli and shop a couple of miles from Hot Milk Forge

Is there accommodation near by?

The Glens of Antrim is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so naturally there is lots Airbandbs, B&Bs and other accommodation in the area. We plan to have accommodation in the future on site but for now there is several excellent alternatives in the area with for example Ballyeamon Barn Hostel doing a special deal for Hot Milk Forge Attendees that also includes dinner at Harry's Restaurant in Cushendall. Contact Liz at for more details

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