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Terms and Conditions




Hot Milk Forge Packages and prices are inclusive of vat.
All Quotations for tailor made packages are only valid for 14 days from date provided.
Packages are subject to change due to extenuating circumstances.

Bookings can be made through

On receipt of each payment you will receive a confirmation of your booking and payment together with a copy of our terms and conditions, any other relevant information (e.g. directions to the
Any queries arising from an invoice must be notified to Hot Milk Forge in writing within 5 days. Failure to comply will render the full invoice payable on the due date.
Once a booking has been confirmed in the first instance, cancellation will be dealt with as follows:

Once we have confirmed your booking, your right to cancel without penalty ends as designated by The Office of Fair Trading as we have booked you into a sporting event at a specific date at a specific time. The terms of cancellation are as follows:

– 32 days or more prior to the event – Full refund of monies paid.
– 31 days or less prior to the event – No refund.
Under circumstances out of our control, including but not limited to; weather or other natural damages to sites, unexpected group cancellations, or other events which may create unacceptable risk to health and safety, we may be required to cancel or offer an alternative date for your booking. Under such circumstances a full refund of all monies paid will be given, however we do not accept liability for any additional costs incurred as a result of the cancellation or necessary change.


Group bookings are usually priced on number of participants. Should this apply and numbers change, the event will be re-priced. Cancellation charges as outlined above apply to each person that is cancelled in a group booking.


Vouchers can be purchased for any of our courses. All customers receive the original voucher via email. If you do not receive your voucher via email you must contact us immediately. If you do not contact us within 30 days of purchasing your voucher in this regard, it will be deemed that you are in possession of your voucher and any subsequent request for a duplicate will not be considered. Should a duplicate be issued within 30 days and the original is presented for redemption, the duplicate will become invalid immediately.

An expiry date is printed on all vouchers. The original, in good condition and with no alterations is valid for redemption. Damaged vouchers, duplicates or copies of any kind are unacceptable. Vouchers are irreplaceable therefore we recommend that they are stored safely and that you use a recorded mail delivery service when posting them for redemption. No responsibility can be accepted by Hot Milk Forge for lost vouchers in any circumstances. Redemption of a lost voucher is not available in any circumstances.

No re-validation of vouchers is available. Once payment is taken for a voucher it cannot be cancelled. No refunds are available for vouchers for which payment has been taken.


Hot Milk Forge require participants to be ready to take part in their activity 15 minutes prior to a designated "start-time". Early arrivals are not catered for, therefore we ask that you do not arrive early at the Hot Milk Forge, unless specifically asked to. Hot Milk Forge will do their best to accommodate late arrivals but this cannot be guaranteed, especially during busy periods. It is unlikely that customers will be allowed to participate if they have missed the pre-session briefing. In non-peak periods Hot Milk Forge will make an exception to this and provide individual safety briefings, but this in entirely at our discretion and cannot be guaranteed. The booking will normally be treated as a cancellation in the event of late arrival with the loss of all monies.


Hot Milk Forge has the right, at all times, to refuse participants access to the booked activity at any stage of the booking and remove them from Hot Milk Forge if in their opinion the participants are under the permitted age which is 16 and are unfit to take part in the activity because of physical or mental impairment, be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, have arrived too late to take part in the pre-activity briefing, consider them to be a danger to themselves, other participants or members of staff or are displaying aggressive and abusive behaviour (verbal or physical). If any of these occurrences apply, the booking will have been deemed to have been cancelled and full cancellation charges will apply.

Should any participant damage the property of Hot Milk Forge or verbally or physically injure a member of the staff or other participants, they will be dealt with by management accordingly and may face prosecution.


Whilst all our activities are by definition safe if safety instructions are followed and you do not attempt to go beyond your capabilities, all physical activities involve an element of risk. It is a given that you undertake the activity with full understanding of this and accept responsibility for your own safety and the risks involved in taking part. In the case of more that one person taking part under one booking it is given that the person booking the group with us has relayed the details of the activities to the group and that the group have acknowledge the possible risks involved and that they have agreed to take on this basis. We carry public liability insurance, however you are advised to ensure that your personal insurance cover is up to date and that you are covered for taking part in such activities.

If you or any members of your group have any specific dietary requirements, please make us aware at time of booking. All our activities are fully accessible but involve some physical activity, it is the responsibility of the participants to inform us any medical or physical condition that may exclude them form partaking in any activity. Partaking in our activities will be at our discretion and no refunds will be offered for non participation if a non disclosed condition prevents this. We will endeavour to facilitate all requests however some exception may apply.


All the activities featured on our website are correct at the time each booking is made. From time to time activities do change both in price, type and duration. Any changes are reflected on our websites as soon as possible. Should these changes make any significant change to the product that will be delivered to an existing customer they will be informed accordingly. Our Sales Consultants will make every effort to provide additional information and clarification about any of our featured activities, however customers are deemed to have familiarized themselves with the activity description and all its restrictions as on our website before booking the product. No responsibility can be accepted by Hot Milk Forge if you do not familiarize yourself with the activity in question, as described on our website, before placing a booking.

Hot Milk Forge complies with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 and is registered. Those principles require that data be:

– Fairly and lawfully processed
– Processed for limited purposes
– Adequate, relevant and not excessive
– Accurate
– Not kept longer than necessary
– Processed in accordance with the data subject's rights
– Secure

Hot Milk Forge comply with regulations and guidelines as laid down by the Office of Fair Trading and Trading Standards for the service we offer.

Hot Milk Forge means the Hot Milk Forge organization, its officers, servants, agents and such other persons or organizations as may be authorized by the Hot Milk Forge organization to promote and/or organize any events at Hot Milk Forge.

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