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Crafts for the Apocalypse Week

12th - 20th of August

 Fear the Zombies or/and the Apocalypse we have you covered at Hot Milk Forge's Crafts for the Apocalypse week. Classes Include Bow-making, Bladesmithing, Leather work, Survival Tool Making with other fun events planned too. 

More Classes will be released in the Coming Days

Survival Blades Day Class Monday August 14th

So you've fled the zombies and you're in the Forest hiding, but you need a tool to help you make a shelter and a fire and perhaps to fend of that peskie Zombie. Thankfully you came to the Survival Blades day class at Hot Milk Forge and you've made a Survival Knife and flint striker.

£90 per person

Bow- Making  2 Day Course Thurs/FridayAugust 17th and 18th

Obviously nobody really likes getting in close and nasty to any of those oul Zombies. So we've provided a Bow making class. This isnt just tieing two ends of a string to a branch. We have the master bowmaker from Bowcrafty, showing you how.  

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