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Bowmaking for Beginners the Weekend Course

Bowcrafty has been teaching woodwork at Hot Milk Forge Bladesmithing Classes for a number of years now however this is his first step into teaching his real passion and skill base Primitive Style Bows to more complex composite bows. All of which he hopes to pass on to you if you attend his courses

Have you ever wanted to own a long bow like those fired at Agincourt or on TV shows like Vikings or Game of Thrones? Perhaps you want to possess the skills to make one, ye know just in case that apocalypse does happen. Well now Bowcrafty @ Hot Milk Forge offers you the opportunity to. 
Through traditional techniques you can learn the skills required to craft your very own pyramid bow or self bow Weekend 1 or by Weekend 2 English Longbow. 

Ages 16 and up for now guys unfortunately insurance and h&s is a little restrictive at present.

courses can now be booked via bowcrafty's website here is a direct link

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